Musings of a Recovering Lutheran: Government corruption and the Church
I heard the voice of the Lord, saying, 

Whom shall I send, and who will go for us?

Then said I, Here am I; send me.

Isaiah 6:8 (KJV)

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Government corruption and the Church

Evangelical Lutheran Church of Tanzania Bishop Thomas Laizer speaks out against corruption in government.

Speaking out is one thing. But should the Church do more than just talk? Should the Church be willing to "name names"? Support candidates running for office? Take political positions for/against certain government programs? The Church risks being seen as a partisan in that case.

One problem I have with religious leaders taking some vague stand against corruption is that it amounts to picking low-hanging fruit. Pretty easy, since no one will openly defend graft and theft. Yet on issues such as the massive debt that the USA is running up I have heard very little that is meaningful from religious leaders. Surely spending mind-boggling amounts of money that our children/grandchildren/great-grandchildren will have to pay back is a cruel form of theft much worse than any petty bureaucrat who finds tax money sticking to his/her hands. Why the relative quiet from religious leaders on the US debt?

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Michael Polidori said...

I am investigating a NY pastor. The connections I am casually finding with lutheran church members & national political leaders is surprising

Here is some information about the debt, The Federal Reserve, our govt's financial operations & a bleak future (similar to that of Icelandic peoples being oppressed by the World Bank, IMF & WTO after their country filed bankruptcy several years ago to to their national banks' fraud

1- Most of the debt of the USA & other western countries is fraudulent, created by the countries' central banks, like the Federal Reserve

2- The Federal Reserve is a private corporation of banks w/ authority to print money
The Department of the Treasury retains the right to mint coins
The Federal Reserve Act pretends there is a difference between printing or coining money. This is the foundation of the great fraud.

3- How it works. Our govt gives Treasury Bonds to the Federal Reserve in exchange for electronic credits run up in various federal bank accounts... it is merely a ledger entry, electronic, ethereal

4- Not so w/ Treasury Bonds
The Fed is supposed to pay ALL operating expenses (salaries, bonuses, building purchases, software EVERYTHING!) from interest we pay the Fed on the treasury bonds. By charter the Fed is not allowed to profit on these interest payments. It pays any excess interest it "earned" to Treasury, in electronic credits, of course
5- The problem arises when the Federal Reserve sells these treasuries on the open market and destroys the money it receives in exchange for those bonds. This does 2 very bad things. It artificially keeps the value of the dollar high and interferes with free trade dollars coming back to the USA to create or sustain jobs, lowering wages while this deliberately unbalanced "free trade" destroys our economy

6- Current annual INTEREST to service the debt is over $300 BILLION
Most of the debt & interest payments are fraudulent. We are due reimbursement
Governments, ALL governments, need to retake the power of the mint back from the banking system which has abused their power & position to create fraudulent debt

I do not know what will happen to our global infrastructure, even during a purposeful thoughtful transition to an honest economic system
Those with wealth & power would fight to keep the status quo, yoking the world's peoples to massive national debts they cannot repay. Or they will try to create a new world while retaining their positions

Most of the quiet from religious leaders could be from complete ignorance or complete understanding of the debt. Many church officials are discreetly interconnected w/govt & corporations. The connections I casually found w/ this one pastor is surprising

These global shenanigans pit worker against worler, driving wages down, hamstringing govs into inaction by massive fraudulent debt, collapsing economies for the purpose of reducing or eliminating private ownership of land by the middle class along w/ the destruction of middle class pension plans through a more permanent "adjustment" of the stock market's way over-inflated value

There is a lot more to this story, but everything I have posted here is true or is a logical supposition. The mechanism of treasury bond manipulation can be viewed at The Federal Reserve website, explaining how interest payments on Treasury Bonds pay all Federal Reserve operations & how it loans money at interest by simply running up electronic credits in govt or corporate or private accounts in any Fed bank or any bank under it's jurisdiction... like the $7 TRILLION in short term near-zero interst loans to the big banks in 2008/2009, which they in turn used to buy treasuries at 1-2%. They made billions in interest for loaning back to us our own money, which the Federal Reserve GAVE to them

The more you dig the worse it gets... until you realize that we created the Federal Reserve system & we the people can take it down and start printing money again... like we used to during most of the 1800s